And now... 

In modern method the boy and the girl get familiar without their families. They may see each other at the university, at the college, in the park or any other places. They speak about every thing and communicate by telephone and coming and going (of course not at their homes).
Now they are friends. They may fall in love in this state.
Most of them fall in love (really or not) at first, at the moment that see each other.
Some of them after a while and after recognizing decide to stop their communications.
But if they decide to get marry the boy asks his family to go to the girl's house to act as a suitor. And the ceremonies are as the previous state.
In modern case of marriage the young couple may face to many problems because some uneducated mothers and fathers want to choose their son/daughter in law themselves and try to create impediments.
I got familiar with my husband at Shiraz University. Our family didn't agree with us but we tried to satisfy them and it takes a long time about 3 years.
Now we have a nice time but my mother in law some times disturb us. Because in Iran mothers mostly uneducated ones think their sons must be just theirs.


Today I’m going to write about the marriage but at first about my husband’s work. Yesterday the new company manager telephoned us and said about the job and its package.
The new company is a joint one. About 50 percent that big company and the other an Iranian company. Its salary is not bad and they will provide some necessary tools as car, laptop, and mobile telephone
But the offered job is not related to my husband’s studding. And he says that he prefers a job that relates to it. I hope he choose the best.
Now about the first model of marriage;
In traditional method boy and his family go to the girl’s home and see her (they might see the girl before or not) some times at the first time just the boy’s mother goes. Anyway if the boy and girl be fond of each other they will speak about things that are important for them. They may speak more and may come and go to know each other better. The next step is engagement that the boy with his family and some times relatives go to the girl’s home with flowers and a ring (sometimes more presents) and they have some ceremonies. Then they will marry and hold the wedding party whenever they prepare and then they will go to their own home. Some couples go on the honeymoon after their party. (Some boys and girls who haven’t enough money for wedding party just go on the honeymoon).
My brother is at coming and going state now.


And today...
At first I want to say about the interview. Last Sunday my husband went to have a test and interview in a big company. They had chosen seven talented engineers for this test but none of them were accepted. I felt sorry for Ali, because they said he was the best of all. But he couldn’t gain the necessary points in-group work state. Of course they have selected two tops of them for another company but we don’t know how its qualifications are.
Ali is going to do some researches about it and then he will make up his mind to cooperate with them. I hope he choose the best one.

We went to Isfahan to visit my family on Thursday and Friday. I really missed my mother and father.
Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. I suggest you to visit even if you are not in Iran. Historic buildings are abundant there
My brother is going to get married. Here there are two models of marriage: Traditional and modern. I will tell you about each of them next.


I’m coming back from shopping. Here every thing is very expensive and people because of high cost of living should work hard. We can see those who just work and work without having even a good meal. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer. But what about the equality of people that everyone speaks of it?
I know that I can’t do any in this society but I sympathize with little boys and girls that are enslaved by their parents or their bosses to clean the windshields, sell flowers or chocolates and play musical instruments at the snowy weather of winter or the burning sun shine of summer. Here I translate a short story about one of them;

‘It was a long time that the traffic light was red and a long line of cars was at street. The hot smoky weather was boring. A little florist boy with a fresh bunch of roses was going between cars hastily.’’ Sir, please buy a rose. Madam do you want a nice flower? Roses...roses….’’
One pointed to the roses from his car; while the car window was opened he showed the roses to a young smart couple sitting in front of the car. He was bargaining but suddenly he stunned at some thing at the back of the car. His voice was quivering and his breath was stopping. He was looking at his classmate that was leaning in the car.
His classmate father asked; How much are all of your flowers…How much are your roses?..; but he didn’t hear, he was just looking at his friend’s eyes as the cars were moving………

Today is one of the most important days in our life. Ali’s interview is at 8 o’clock and he has about 20 minutes. I wish the best for him and implore god to help us.
Last night Ali was so disturbed and couldn’t sleep. Yesterday evening was invited to dinner by that big company to get familiar with each other.
There they had explained about their interview, their company, their organization, and many other points.
He said ‘’I will have a difficult day tomorrow’’
I tried to calm him and reduce his turbulence with my words. I told him that I really believe that HE IS THE BEST whether they accept him or not. I’m proud of my husband because he is the best man that I have ever seen.
He is a man of high moral standard ethics with genial habits. Of course he is very good looking too.


Today I’m alone at home and my husband (my love) Ali is at work. We got married about 10 months ago and have a happy life. WE LOVE EACH OTHER. We live in a small apartment in Tehran, a noisy so crowded town.
These days I’m very anxious because Ali is going to have an interview with the manager of a big company on Monday. And if they accept him as their engineer… …our life will be changed ……….I’m looking forward to A REAL PROMOTION


Hi ! I will come soon.

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